Admission Process

  • Please check the details of patient's name, age, sex, religion, address, telephone & other relevant details at the time of admission.  No changes would be possible once the admission is done.

  • At the time of admission, payment of the deposit is necessary in all cases for getting admitted to the hospital.

  • Interim Bill may be given from time to time when the hospital cost exceeds the deposit amount.

  • Non-refundable admission charges are applicable for all indoor patients.



  1. Bed charges are payable as per the tariff structure.

  2. Treatment charges vary according to the class of occupancy. If required initial estimate can be obtained from the consultant and the final estimate from the Billing Department between 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

  3. In case of Surgery, the surgery charges are to be paid 2 to 3 days in advance besides Admission Deposit.

  4. Booking of Bed and Operation Theater are subject to availability or as per emergency.


  1. All payments will be accepted in cash or through Credit/Debit Card (Master & Visa), Pay Order, D/D are accepted in favour of Bhaktivedanta Hospital.

  2. Once the bill has exceeded the deposit amount, you have to make the payment of another deposit plus the balance amount if any (as per the class of admissions).

  3. Payments can be made on ground floor billing  counter which is open 24×7.

  4. In case of longer duration of stay in the hospital, we request you to check your billing status at the billing counter on ground floor after every 2 to 3 days, to get information about the progress of the bill. Please make payments regularly once every 2-3 days for mutual convenience.


At the time of transfer from ICU to the ward, patient need to clear the whole bill before the transfer and also need to pay the deposit for the ward he is being transferred.

Vẽ vào thứ bảy tuần trướcIf required, patient can be transferred to any ward or internally in the same ward also.

In case of non payment patient can be shifted to the lower ward.

From Lower Class to Higher Class:

  • Bed charges will be as per tariff from the date of change of class.

  • Treatment charges including surgical charges, if any, will be as per higher class with retrospective effect.

From Higher Class to Lower Class:

  • Bed charges will be as per tariff from the date of change of class.

  • Treatment charges will also be from the date of change of class.  But in case of surgery, if the patient is taken for surgery from higher class and wants to shift to lower class after the surgery, then he will be charged for higher class.  After the surgery and transfer to the lower class adjustment, all charges will be of the lower class from the date of change.


  • Routine discharges are advised between 10.00am to 12.00noon, 2.00pm to 4.00pm & 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

  • In normal circumstances, Corporate & TPA discharges will be possible between 10.00am to 12 noon.

  • Please note that at the time of discharge, you need to return all draft bills and payment receipts issued to you earlier from the billing counter.  Only then final bill would be issued.

  • Once physical discharge is given patient should vacate the bed within half an hour.

  • Hospital billing for a day is calculated from 12.00 mid night to 12.00 mid night as one day charges.

  • From 12.00 mid night to 12.00 noon, half day charges are levied.

  • Adjustment of payment for the discharges after office hours, on holiday and refund (if any) should be settled within 7 working days from the date of discharge between 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

  • After the discharge from the hospital, patient should take appointment for follow-up visit to the Doctor in Advance from ground floor OPD.

  • Once the patient is discharged, no dispute in the bill would be entertained after 7 working days. 


  • Refund of amount above Rs.19500/- will be done by cheque in the name of the patient.

  • In unfortunate case of death of the patient, the cheque can be made in the name of nearest relative upon submitting appropriate required documents only.

  • Refund of cheques will be possible in minimum 7 working days.

Vẽ vào thứ bảy tuần trước Visitors Guidelines


  • Daily 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

  • Sundays and hospital holidays 11:00 am to 12:00 noon & 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

  • Only 2 relatives at a time will be allowed in the ward even during visiting hours.

  • In certain cases, visitors may be denied permission to see the patient (depending on the condition of the patient) even during the visiting hours.  This is in the interest of the patient's medical recovery.

  • It is compulsory that 24 hours one person is available to the patient.

  • Please note, in the interest of the patient, NOT more than One Person will be allowed to be with the patient in all the classes at any time of the day. (In Emergency, two persons will be allowed).


  • Two passes are issued for each patient (this can change if the management feels necessary).

  • Patient's relatives & attendants are advised to display their passes.

  • In a case of any loss of passes, Rs.50/- will be charged per pass.

  • Pass needs to be submitted at the time of discharge at the billing counter.

3. Personal toiletries like soap & bath towel are provided only in Deluxe Class.

4. Mat bedding is available for the patient's attendant on nominal charges.  Nursing staff in the ward will help to obtain the same.  Outside bedding is not allowed.

5. We request the relative of the patients, strictly not to sleep on the bed of their admitted patient or on any vacant bed in the ward.  Kindly note that the patient will be charged in case his/her relative occupies any vacant bed.


1. FOOD :

  • Outside food is not allowed in the hospital ward, as we provide food to our patient under the strict guidance of our dietician.

  • Patient's relatives are requested not to eat with the patient in the ward in patient's thali.  They are requested to take their meals in the cafeteria only.

2. Patients are advised "Not to keep any valuables with them in the ward".  The hospital is not responsible for any theft or loss.

3. Damage to the Property: Any damage caused to the hospital property by the patients or their relatives will be recovered from them as per the assessment is done by the hospital management.

4. Pharmacy: Dispensing-Pharmacy is located on the ground floor of the Hospital. It is operational Day-Night 24 X 7, 365 days. Another Pharmacy is located in the Operation Theater premises on the second floor; remains open on weekdays 8am to 10pm. OPD Patients must produce the original-bill for returning medicine, within one month from the date of purchase, during 10am-6pm (Not on Sunday/ Holiday). Pharmacist shall inspect medicine / bill for expiry date, seal, packaging, and BH-Barcode. Refrigerated products, Injections, General items, Rehabilitation-Aids and Devices are not returnable.
Vẽ vào thứ bảy tuần trước*IPD-patients must return balance medicines before discharge from the Hospital.

5. Telephone / Mobile: Public telephone has been provided for convenience on the floor and ground floor lobby. Use of mobile phones is prohibited in the wards.  Telephone facility is provided in First Class & Deluxe Class on extra payment.  Wi-Fi connection is provided in Super Deluxe Class.

6. For any assistance you may contact the Sister-In-Charge in the ward.

Vẽ vào thứ bảy tuần trước7. In a case of any difficulty or suggestion, you may kindly approach Department of Customer Relation.

8. We respect our staff and their protection is our duty.  Therefore any kind of proven misbehavior with the hospital staff by the patient or their relatives, will lead to the discharge of the patient and appropriate legal action will also be taken, if necessary.

9. AMBULANCE SERVICE: For 24 hour regular Ambulance Service please call 9321996814 & for Cardiac Ambulance call 9321996858 / 9321996840.

Vẽ vào thứ bảy tuần trước Patients Rights and Responsibility



  • Bringing Non-Veg food items and Tea/Coffee in the Tiffin, Consumption of alcohol, smoking, chewing of Tobacco/Gutka/Spitting is strictly prohibited in the Hospital.

  • Playing any kind of music other than that is available on the speaker is strictly prohibited in the Hospital. 



To educate patients about their rights and responsibilities the hospital displays Patient Rights in every patient care area in the hospital including the waiting area near the main reception of the hospital.  The rights are displayed in English & Hindi.

At Bhaktivedanta Hospital all patients and their family members have the right to the following:

  • Right to information in an understandable language.

  • Right to information on the expected cost of treatment.

  • Right to personal dignity and privacy during an examination, procedures and treatment.

  • Right to uniform care for all classes of patients.

  • Right to information on how to voice a complaint.

  • Right to a refusal of treatment.

  • Right to informed consent before any procedure / surgery / treatment.

  • Right to information and consent before any research protocol is initiated.

  • Right to information on diet and nutrition & food-drug interactions.

  • Right to information about immunization.

  • Right to confidentiality of patient information/details recorded in the hospital.

  • Right to access clinical records.

TPA Guidelines for Patients

For listening TPA Guidelines please click the audio file below:


Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd


Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Ltd.


Bharti Axa General Insurance Compnay Ltd. (Tripate Agreement)


TATA-AIG General Insurance Company Limited (Tripate Agreement)


Liberty General Insurance (Tripate Agreement)


Kotak General Insurance Co.  (Tripate Agreement)


Vẽ vào thứ bảy tuần trước Wards


  • Economy Ward & Day Care

  • Isolation Ward

  • Maternity Ward Economy Class & Second Class

  • Deluxe

  • Triple Sharing

  • AC Twin Sharing

  • AC Multiple Sharing (Surgical) & New AC Twin Sharing

  • Super Deluxe

  • Intensive Care Cardiac Unit (ICCU)

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

  • Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU)

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

  • Pediatric Ward

  • Pediatric Twin Sharing

  • Community Ward


Bed charges are payable as per the tariff structure is given below.

Vẽ vào thứ bảy tuần trướcThe estimate for the cost of hospitalisation, if required will be issued only between 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. from billing after the estimate given by the doctor.

In a case of surgery, surgery charges and pharmacy deposit are to be paid in advance besides admission deposit (as per Consultant and Billing Estimate).

The below tariff and room category may change from time to time as per hospital's discretion. Web Visitors are requested to check with Hospital for latest updates.


Bed Categories:

  • Economy Ward @ 800/- per day

  • AC Economy Ward @ 1000/- per day

  • Pediatric Ward @ 1500/- per day

  • Isolation (Gen.) @ 1000/- per day

  • Isolation (Special) @ 1400/- per day

  • Triple Sharing A/C @ 1400/- per day

  • A/C Ward multiple sharing @ 1400/- per day

  • A/C Ward Twin Sharing @ 2000/- per day

  • Deluxe @ 3900/- per day

  • Super Deluxe @ 4900/- per day

  • I.C.U/I.C.C.U @ 3900/- per day

  • I.M.C.U @ 3500/- per day

  • N.I.C.U @ 3000/- per day

  • P.I.C.U @ 3000/- per day

Vẽ vào thứ bảy tuần trướcPharmacy- Patients can avail credit facility by depositing necessary amount.

Insurance / TPA - 20% of the final bill/approved amount is taken as non-medical security deposit and adjusted after payment is realised from TPA / Insurance.