Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute has a full-fledged neuro surgery center, which deals with all neuro logical disorders based on various symptoms and diseases. This center is well equipped with dedicated professionals to care of difficult to worse cases and bringing back smiles in their lives. 


  • Surgery for all type of Brain Tumors

  • All types of Spinal cord surgery

  • Surgery for Stroke – Paralysis

  • Surgery for Chronic pain

  • Surgery for all types of Neurologic pain

  • Congenital Anomalies like Hydrocephalus, Meningomyelitis, Encephalitis

  • Pituitary Tumor Surgery

  • Skull Base Surgery

  • Vascular Surgery like AVM & Aneurysm (both clipping and coiling of Aneurysm)

  • Head Injury: Head Trauma surgery

  • Microscopic Neurosurgeries

  • Dementia Surgery

  • Peripheral Nerve Surgery

  • Laminectomy - Spinal Fusion & Spinal Instrumentation & Fixation Surgery

  • Endo Vascular – Interventional neurosurgery

  • Cranio Facial Trauma surgery & Cranioplasty

  • Neuro Endoscopic surgery

Vẽ vào thứ bảy tuần trước Our Specialists

Dr. Satyanarayana Shenoy MS (General Surgery), MCh (Neuro Surgery) Consultant Neuro Surgeon
Dr. Virendra Manek MS (General Surgery), MCh (Neuro Surgery) Consultant Neuro Surgeon
Dr. Pandurang Reddy MBBS, MS (General Surgery) DNB (Neuro Surgery) Consultant Neuro Surgeon